is a cultural and educational space that presents the science and social issues to the mainly young public in an attractive and interactive way.

The facilities are divided in four big sections in a chain:

·         Universe – from outer space to the Earth

·         Life – from the first living being to the human being

·         Ingenuity – man’s creations

·         Society – controversial issues of human society

The exhibitions have been performed by renowned specialists, scenographers and educational institutions. They present, in a simple and interesting way, a gamut of themes from these four knowledge areas.



From Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Open until 4:00 pm.
Ticket price : R$ 10.00
On Saturdays, entrance is free. 
Half price for students (with current ID).
Sections with voucher (which must be taken at the central hall, next to the monumental stairs):
·         Nanotechnology
·         Chemistry Lab
·         Avoiding Teenage Pregnancy
The guests can choose between two entrances:
·         Through the Universe section, at the Reception room
·         Through the central Hall, at the front balcony
People are allowed to enter with notebooks, cameras and recorders, and flashes can be used. Plastic bags, food and drink are not allowed.
Cell phones must be turned off or in silent mode.
Smoking is not allowed.

Museu Catavento

Av Mercúrio, s/n - Pq Dom Pedro II, Brás, São Paulo - SP- CEP 03003-060 

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Aberto de terça a domingo, com entrada das 9h às 16h e permanência no museu até às 17h

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Desenvolvido com a permanente lembrança daqueles a quem condições pessoais e sociais não permitem desfrutar a vida por inteiro.